Mark Reed


Mark Reed

President of PlanetCPU

Mark Reed, President of PlanetCPU, is the soul of this business. He carries on the legacy of its origin, a venture he began with his father, and knows that his Father’s spirit helps him pursue that dream today. Never looking back though, Mark marches forward with a positive outlook to grow PlanetCPU in exciting new directions. To do that, Mark has surrounded himself with the best of the best, selecting a crew of expert technicians and sales staff who can be trusted to resolve customer’s issues and get the job done right. That allows Mark the ability to focus on other important issues, like making sure PlanetCPU can expand to offer the same great service to more areas in our community, from home offices to corporate contracts, for Mark, the future is to grow the business without losing the quality of exceptional service PlanetCPU revolves around.

It helps to love what he is doing, and Mark loves being in a business that constantly changes, pushing him to stay current and keep evolving. It’s a great challenge.

Technology continues to evolve with few things staying the same since 1995. It is important to stay up with changing IT trends.

As the President of the company, it is my role in the company to direct our employees and make sure our clients are thrilled with our service level provided.

Needless to say, he’s goal-oriented and makes sure everyone else on his team is too.

“…For Mark, the future is to grow the business without losing the Quality of Exceptional Service PlanetCPU revolves around.”